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Whisky is a word which is derived from the Gaelic term 'uisge beatha' meaning 'water of life', and with crowds clamouring to cash in on Scotland's golden nectar, The Whisky Market Ltd. is here to explain what the fuss is all about.

Why Whisky?

Scotch Whisky can only be distilled and matured in Scotland, yet it is sold in over two hundred markets worldwide. Global demand continues to rise beyond all expectations, and the number of aged casks in Scotland continues to diminish. Only 15% of the maturing casks in Scotland are 5 years or older. Whilst this is bad news for consumers and blenders, it means that the value of casks is growing dramatically which is certainly good news for our clients.

Net returns after storage costs and inflation

The added benefit of casked whisky is that it is considered a wasting chattel with a lifespan of less than 50 years. Given that our casks are stored in bonded warehouses for the duration of your hold, they remain exempt from VAT and CGT. Tax free returns - more good news for our clients!

Why Casks?

Unlike the volatile market of bottled whisky, casks have proven a much safer consideration. The Whisky Market Ltd. isn't just selling you bulk litres of alcohol or a share in a cask, we sell you the cask in its entirety which affords you the comfort of numerous exit strategies. This also means that your holding is more secure as you are not waiting for a single bottle to spike in value, but instead simply maturing the raw materials until you're ready to realise your return.

Why the whisky market ltd?

At The Whisky Market Ltd., we offer a completely bespoke service. Our dedicated partners focus on understanding our clients' needs and circumstances to create a portfolio designed specifically to achieve their goals.

Owning casks gives you complete control of your whisky portfolio and our range of exit strategies allow you flexibility within the marketplace. Whether you are purely looking for a vehicle to make tax free returns or you are a whisky enthusiast, The Whisky Market Ltd. is here to unlock your perception of the possibilities of Single Malt Scotch.