About us

Founded in April 2014, The Whisky Market has grown from a modest private client base and now has over £2,000,000.00 of Single Malt Scottish Whisky casks under management.

The decline in global markets and alternatives has forced many people to look elsewhere for value and a tax efficient hold. Many of our clients have liquidated their portfolios in difficult market conditions to make gains through owning whisky casks.

We sell casks with a view to buying them back in the future for our own whisky brand ‘The Higginbottom.’ We have worked tirelessly to develop the connections necessary to obtain the best single malt whisky in quality casks and offer them to our clients. With a guaranteed exit strategy in place, our clients are afforded both security and peace of mind.

As the whisky industry continues to expand, The Whisky Market Ltd. remains at the forefront of the cask trade. Whilst the number of quality casks available is finite, our willingness to provide an unbeatable service with a unique product is not.

The Whisky Market Ltd. is only able to take on a small number of select clientele per quarter due to the limited nature of suitable casks. If you are interested in holding, trading or bottling a cask, please do not hesitate to contact us at our London Bridge office.