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How it works

Our services work in 3 simple steps.

Hold it - Trade it - Bottle it

Hold It

Your Whisky Market Partner will design a bespoke portfolio catering to your specific needs and circumstances and keep you up to date with the market place. Unlike other commercial products whisky increases in value as it ages; all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let your whisky work for you.

Trade It

Once our mutually agreed hold period is up, The Whisky Market Ltd. can trade your cask commission free. We guarantee an exit strategy.

Bottle It

The Whisky Market Ltd. provides a bottling service for those looking to stimulate their taste buds as well as their portfolios. This includes bottle selection and personalised label design for any occasion.



Scotch Whisky can only be distilled and matured in one country, yet it is sold in over two hundred markets worldwide. Global demand continues to rise beyond all expectations, and the number of aged casks in Scotland continues to diminish with only 15% of the whisky being 5 years or older. Whilst this is bad news for consumers and distillers, it means the value of casks is growing dramatically which is certainly good news for owning a cask. (Years in cask graph).



Unlike the volatile market of bottled whisky, casks have proven a much safer consideration. The Whisky Market Ltd. isn't just selling you bulk litres of alcohol or a share in a cask, we sell you the cask and its contents in its entirety. This gives you options, but it also means that your holding is more secure as you are not waiting for a single bottle to spike in value, but instead simply maturing the raw materials until you're ready to cash in.