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Facts and Figures

(Source - Scottish Whisky Association)

The Scotch Whisky market is in its infancy and has been largely overlooked this century.

Given the Angel's Share (approximately 2% per annum), HMRC considers whisky casks held under bond to be wasting chattel and therefore CGT exempt.

Unlike equities and bonds, whisky casks are tangible assets with an intrinsic value; this means they cannot go bust.

      • Only 8% of Scotch is kept as single malt, the other 92% is used for blending
      • The blending industry generates 25% of all UK food and beverage exports
      • The Scotch Whisky industry supports salaries worth £1.4bn
      • The British government takes £3bn a year in tax on whisky sales
      • In 2015, the market generated close to £4.95bn
      • 1.2 billion bottles sold every year
      • 93% of Scotch Whisky is exported
      • 38 bottles of Scotch Whisky are shipped overseas every second
      • 20 million casks are currently maturing in Scotland, yet only 15% of these casks are over 5 years old
      • France sells more Scotch in one month than they do Cognac in one year

    • Net returns after storage costs and inflation

  • Single Malt Whisky as % of total Scotch exports

  • Average returns on exit, 2006-2015

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