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Whisky's wonderful illusion!

Whisky's wonderful illusion!

Whisky is an enticing spirit that lures the mind to the Glens, mountains, peat bogs, and sea battered coasts of Scotland.

Is it no wonder that this great spirit was transported with her children to distant lands can transport any drinker to the beautiful landscape of Scotland. The early Scottish globetrotters brought with them the taste of home, creating all the great whiskies we adore today.

Bourbon owes its legacy to the first settlers of Kentucky that saw similar landscapes of Scotland and started the production of their own hooch. As was the same for those who travelled to the great white north and developed Canadian whiskey, taking into account the local varieties of available cereals, corn south of the border and rye above the 49th parallel. That same dream and allure made a Japanese man travel across the challenging oceans over 100 years ago to Scotland to learn the ins and outs of making whisky. They brought the history, passion, and skills of the Scots back to Japan, while mimicking so precisely the production, that it is today a top shelf whiskey paying homage to Scotch.

The same can be seen in many countries from mainland Europe to South Africa, off to India, Taiwan, and even further south to Oceania.

Whisky in the Scottish style is produced from East to West, North Pole to the South Pole, much like at the height of British Empire, the sun never settled on the distillation of whisk(e)y. Whether it was brought by monks originally from Ireland to Scotland, or by an early business man who traveled from North Africa to the Highlands of Scotland.

Scotch whisky is a unique alcohol that has won over the palates of many across mother Earth. Owning a bottle of your favorite dram is always a special treat, and those who delve more into their passion settle knowing they have their own cask(s) of whisky aging in a dunnage warehouse, dreaming of their whisky as it rest and matures into a delicious liquid that is part of the rich history of Scotland and Whisky. Once they can drink it their minds wonder off to the picturesque lands of Scotland where their whisky was distilled and matured!


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