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The Boom Continues

The Boom Continues

Auction prices for fine whisky are soaring....

...ACCORDING To the investment grade scotch index the top 100 single malts gave an average return of 440% from the start of 2008 until July 2014.
At auction sales of rare bottles are expected to reach 6.75 million BP up from 5 million last year (Bloomberg). On the other hand, investors in fine wine have seen the market, over the last 4 years drop by 45%. The best performer, chateau lafite has decreased in certain vintages 70-80%. Food for thought.
There are 100 distilleries in Scotland all producing single malts, and many are unable to keep up with the huge increase in demand, due to whiskies lengthy ageing process.
Sourcing casks is becoming increasing difficult and they are becoming rarer and rarer

Casks...What's the fuss all about?

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Sunday, 21 April 2019