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Investing & Growing Value of Whisky

Investing & Growing Value of Whisky

Investing in whisky casks in today’s market is quickly gaining speed and interest.

The golden and ruby hue of single malts is turning into a rich green as investor clamor evermore to own Scottish liquid gold. The Whisky Market Limited is at the forefront in selecting choice matured casks and laying down ‘new make’ in ex-fill; bourbon, red wine, and sherry.

The Whisky Market Limited is seeing a steady 7-10% annual return on casks, and our associate company over the past 3 years has seen a staggering 11-123% increase in value. The rate of return is based on the distillery, type of cask, age, and rarity. Investing in casks has great advantages for return on investment and the rare added value of saying you are the proud owner of a casks of whisky! The rise of independent bottlers and investors seeking out casks means the investment will always have a buyer. Unless of course you choose to bottle it and maybe share with the lucky ones!

It was only a few years ago that the first cask of whisky sold at auction. Setting a world record; a Macallan 25 year old at $793.000 HK. This has prompted a growing interest in other auction houses to venture into the selling casks. Most recently in June 2015, Christie’s of London included two casks in the Fine Wine & Spirits Auction. Five specialty whisky auction houses cater to this sector of selling rare expressions of whisky, predominantly bottles but casks are beginning to emerge.

The industry is growing with an influx of buyers and sellers all vying to capitalise on their growing interest in tasty casks. What whisky enthusiast or prudent investor would not want to declare they own a cask(s) of Scotland’s signature export!


Don't whine about wine casks!
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Sunday, 21 April 2019